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Komamura Corporation

Komamura Corporation was established in 1947 and has for more than 60 years been an important player in the international professional camera business.

Komamura Corporation developed and marketed the Horseman Professional Camera product range. First for large format film and later new models with world first technology for digital photography. The first Horseman cameras was developed to the Tokyo police force, and Komamura Corporation has continuously launched new products targeting the police market.

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Colorama : Background paper and coving systems. The widest choice of colors and sizes available.

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FOBA of Switzerland is the quality leader in studio camera stands for toughest demands and maximum security. Quick and highly precise adjustment guarantees absolute stability for shake-free shots, even with the heaviest cameras and make Foba stands indispensable for quality conscious studio photographers.

FOBA ballheads and accessories for all camera formats from the quality leader in heavy duty studio camera stands offer maximum safety and stability.

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Hahnemühle, renowned for excellence in paper manufacturing since 1584, create a range of Fine Art inkjet papers with distinct characteristics, but all with the look and feel of traditional darkroom paper.

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